Sunday, January 29, 2012

forever, for always, and no matter what....

So I know this is only my second post, (yes I'm a horrible blogger), but i decided that it's about time I write about the people who mean the most to me...and that's my wonderful family. I love my family so much and I have no clue what I would do without them...literally. They are always there for me and support me in everything I do. Especially my mom! She's such an amazing woman and I hope to be just like her when I'm older! :) I also plan on marrying someone who honors their priesthood, is a hard worker, and loves his family; the way my dad does! Who could ask for better parents?! :) Speaking of my family...I'm so grateful for the knowledge that we will be together forever!! What a blessing that is in my life! :)
Anywho... my mom has been wanting us to get new family photos for months now...which is understandable considering the fact that we've got 2 new family members, and maybe a third on the way! :) So about two weeks ago my family went and had a little photo shoot done. Here's how a few of them turned out...enjoy! :]
P.s. Thanks to Kortney Olds for taking these amazing pictures! Love ya!

Oh and yes....yes you are seeing an extra young man in there...his name is Adam Stephen and he belongs to Whitney! Haha :)

The "better side" of the women in our family ;)

I love Brayden pointing to the temple in this one...

My siblings, sister-in-law, and my favorite little nephew :)

It's crazy how much we've all grown up....I love my brothers and sisters! :)
Brayden with his favorite Aunt (me), and his other aunts and uncle.... :)

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.
-John Bowring


  1. great post shay. i love that family of yours as well. your mom is one of my role models and i admire her for the woman she is as well. your guys looks great in these pictures, and the photographer did an amazing job!
    still love ya clear from the north 40!!!

  2. Thank you Aunt Mickie! I am definitely blessed with one of the best as my mother! :) I'm sure i could get you a discount with the photographer..we're pretty tight! ;) haha Still love you too, from the 435! :) haha